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National Youth Sports Program

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The National Youth Sports Program started in partnership with the NCAA, higher education, governmental agencies, and the community to give youth the right start and enhance the quality of children's lives throughout the county. Though government funding ended, we continued serving our counties' underserved youth for 34 years. In 2019 it was decided new ownership was needed to continue to provide a safe, fun learning environment that incorporates sport and enrichment activities for our youth. We have been working diligently with the Monongalia County Board of Education and our city and state officials to re-envision NYSP and assist with funding this valuable community program.

Walk Tall, Talk Tall, Stand Tall

The National Youth Sports Program (NYSP) Camp is not being offered at this time. Please revisit this site in 2023 for updates.

We will release details once they are finalized. Please continue to check back for updates.

Featured Activities

I will be a good sport at all times and will conduct myself with decency and honesty. I will do my best to get along with others and will have pride in myself. I will put forth my best effort in all competition and always compete fairly.
— The NYSP creed

Photo of nysp camper holding book

Book Day

Morgantown Public Libraries will visit camp on NYSP Book Day and spend time talking about the importance of reading, even during the summer. Every year the librarians select 4-5 age-appropriate books featuring a variety of subjects. The books are described and then each child chooses a book of interest. This day provides a fun way to emphasize reading during the summer months and gives children a book of their own to read.   

Photo of NYSP camper presenting on career day

Career Education

The NYSP experience includes career education to teach children about career choices and job responsibilities. WVU Career Services staff present workshops highlighting career planning and engage the campers in fun activities to think about their future. Guest speakers educate campers about different career paths and opportunities, such as careers in law enforcement, engineering, theater, medical fields and military units.

photo of nysp camper with mountaineer

Mountaineer Day

If available, the Mountaineer Mascot visits on the last day of camp to have fun with campers. He plays trivia games and provides opportunities to win a variety of incentive prizes for perfect attendance and good sportsmanship. Some examples of the prizes gathered each year include bicycles, autographed sports memorabilia pictures, t-shirts, gift certificates and more. The camp ends with the firing of the Mountaineer's musket followed by lunch with the mascot.

Photo of nysp camper swimming


We encourage swimming to become an activity children learn and use for a lifetime. Past NYSP Camps have placed a special emphasis on swimming because it is an important skill that can save lives.  This year we have found it difficult to find certified lifeguards and instructors for everyday. We currently have swimming on Tuesday and Thursday's for the remaining camp days. Active participation is required by all campers. No matter the skill level of the camper, everyone can participate in pool activities. Swimming activities include time to splash and have fun in the pool.   

Students learning to play a steel drum

Music Enrichment

Music enrichment provides a positive outlet for expression and emotion. It is known to help with hand-eye coordination, memorization, pattern recognition and craftsmanship. Music provides our students with an opportunity to express themselves outside of sports and recreation. Music integration promotes individual growth while encouraging team building to develop beautiful music. 

Encourage sportsmanship

Sports and Games

Friendly competition can keep kids active, healthy and improve self esteem. We want everyone participating in NYSP to have a positive experience. For the safety and well being of all NYSP participants, rules are explained and enforced, not just while playing a sport, but throughout the entire camp. The NYSP Creed was established to encourage respect for one another and being a good sport in life.    

Highlighted Services

  • Free transportation 

  • A free USDA approved lunch 

  • A free physical exam

  • Free swimming lessons

  • Assistance for children with disabilities by trained staff

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