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National Youth Sports Program


Follow the steps outlined below to complete the camper registration process. Registration is considered complete when all forms are received and properly completed and the proper fees are paid. We encourage preregistration so appropriate planning can be done ahead of time.

Step 1: Complete and submit all required forms

Required forms for all campers

  • Registration form

    The registration form contains basic camper information and parent/guardian contact information. This is important for assigning groups and contacting you if needed. It is also important that your writing is legible on all forms.

  • Participation consent form

    The participation consent form covers the voluntary nature and inherent risks associated with participating in the National Youth Sports Program. Carefully read and understand the form before signing. You should ask questions before signing the form.

  • Media release form

    The media usage release form provides information about the use of media for the National Youth Sports Program and the National Inclusion Project. The form contains information that you should carefully read and understand before signing. Ask questions before signing the from.

  • Free and reduced lunch form

    The free and reduced lunch form is important to the administration of the USDA Summer Food Service Program and must be completed regardless of your eligibility for the program. If your child is part of the school's free and reduced lunch program, he/she will also be part of the Summer Food Service Program. If you have the number your child uses in school, please provide that same number on the lunch form. If you do not participate in the school's free lunch program, complete the top section of the form and write 'not eligible' in the financial section; sign and date the form.

  • Health history form

    The health history form provides us with some basic health information about your child and informs us if additional information is needed. It is the first part of the physical examination form that will be used by the doctors on camper orientation day.

Please mail all forms to the following address:

College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences 
Attn: NYSP 
P.O. Box 6116, 375 Birch St. 
Morgantown, WV 26505-6116 
Ph: (304) 293-3295 | F: (304) 293-4641

Step 2: Make your payment

Registration fees are based on annual household income.

Yearly Household Income Fee for 1 child Overall fee for one family with
2 or more children enrolled
Under $20,000 Scholarship money used
no fee to participant
Scholarship money used
no fee to participant
$20,001 - $30,000 $50 $75
$30,001 - $40,000 $75 $100
$40,001 - $50,000 $100 $125
$50,001 - $75,000 $125 $150
Over $75,000 $150 $200

All fees are for the entire 4 weeks of camp.  No weekly fees and no refund of fees given for schedule conflicts or changes in personal schedules.

Available payment methods:

  • Pay by mail

    When sending registration by mail, check or money order made payable to West Virginian University is acceptable.

    Payment methods: check or money order
  • Pay online

    Starting May 1, payments can be made on-line by selecting "register today" tab.

    Payment methods: credit card
  • Pay in person

    The Lifetime Activities Office is located in Room 270 of the CPASS Health & Education Building - 375 Birch Street.

    Payment methods: cash, check, credit card

Step 3: Completed physical exam

No camper will be allowed to participate without a completed physical exam form on file. Free physical exams are provided by NYSP on June 21, Camper Orientation Day.  If you choose, you can also submit or bring a recently completed physical exam (with last 10 months) conducted by your family doctor. NYSP supplied physical examinations cannot be used for any other summer camps or programs and is only intended for the purpose of NYSP.  

Physical form

The physical exam form will be completed on Camper Orientation Day. If you are providing a copy of a physical exam completed by a family physician, the completed form should be sent along with all other registration forms.